So two days ago I had an unusual occurrence. I have always avoided confrontation. This time it was almost unavoidable. Here’s what happened. I was buying a few cans of beer at the local store. I have been on a bit of a self improvement kick for the last few months […]

An Encounter in the Beer Store

Definition of Justin
I was on the internet today when I found a website called urban dictionary. According to that site, this is what my first name means. I must admit, that is quite the little pick me up when i’m feeling down.

The Definition of Justin

The Last Selfie I Will Ever Need
I know that it has been a very long while since I have written anything on this site but I just want to let anyone who cares know, I still exist.   I have been horribly busy making money for someone else. I’ve decided to quit doing that and start […]

I Still Exist

Frozen Chains and Warning Signs
I know that it has been a while since my last post, so here is something to remind you all that the heat of summer is not all that bad compared to the winter that we just went through. Perhaps I should be posting my pictures more frequently, or at […]

Frozen Danger and Icy Buds

A BMW 650gs motorcycle in a shed.
Most people think that spring has sprung but to me nothing sounds like spring like the roar of the exhaust from the well tuned, two wheeled, mechanical marvel that is more commonly known as a motorcycle. I recently got my 2009 BMW f650gs out of storage and took it for a […]

Spring Has Sprung

The front yards of two townhomes. One is beautiful and the other is gravel.
This picture was taken just around the corner from my house. It has been a few years since this picture was taken and it has long since been changed. This is quite the contrast between the two neighbors. My current neighbor is selling their house. I hope that the next […]

Neighborhood Gardens

So once again, I find myself in front of a blank page with nothing to write about. Lets discuss my goals. I just watched a ted talk from the author of Eat, Pray, Love in which she describes how some goals that people set for themselves are looked upon with […]

The Art of Having Goals

An ice cold vodka mojito with frost on the can and sweedish proverbs in the background.
I took this picture a while ago and there is just something that I can not place that I like about it. I think the frost on the can is unique and before I took this shot, the can was sitting in the freezer for quite a while. Surprisingly enough, […]

Love More Ice Cold Mojito

A weird tree in north ajax that has very exposed roots.
I came across this tree one day a few years ago while walking in North Ajax. I figured that it looked pretty cool so I took a few pictures of it. I used my a35 DSLR in sunset mode and got this lovely, well lit picture. It turned out looking […]

Tree Legs in North Ajax

So I just created a Warhol style image of the iconic character actor Marty Feldman. The picture is just a first attempt, I can easily change the colours. The video below is of his best known role in Young Frankenstein.

Marty Feldman Warhol

Sexy Stairs Rabbit.
This little guys name is Tiggy. He is my sisters rabbit and there is a possibility that he is the cutest thing that has ever existed. I am making this gallery at the request of my mom and sister.  

Tiggy on the stairs, relaxing.