I Should Learn Book Binding

That would work perfectly with the writing career that I want to have.

Wait a second, I wrote should in the title.


Well, it’s been a few seconds since I wrote that title. I have actually made my mind up about doing this. It would be a great project to not just write my own work, but to manufacture it too.

Wow. That’s ambitious.


Well, we know that the work is coming, I can’t stop it now. Even now, writing this, it’s all coming out in a torrent.



So lets do some online research about doing this. Time for a quick google…

Book Binding: Hey, I can do that.

Looks like there is a ton of information about it. I suppose that there have been creative types on the internet for longer than I have known. All of the informaion that anyone could possibly want is out there, for free.


Remember going to a library when you wanted to know something…



P.S. I am just starting my first actual book, that’s what got me thinking about it.

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