The Art of Having Goals

So once again, I find myself in front of a blank page with nothing to write about.

Lets discuss my goals.

I just watched a ted talk from the author of Eat, Pray, Love in which she describes how some goals that people set for themselves are looked upon with ridicule. Normally, when people say that they want to be a doctor, a fire fighter or even a welder, those around them know that those are attainable and generally will encourage the goal setter with praise and hopeful comments.

Other goals, such as writer, author, or professional juggler are not looked on with the same thoughts. People think about these career paths differently and generally, do not encourage such creative endeavors.

These attitudes are no different than a school yard bully telling someone that they suck at sports so the child receiving the negative feedback will never even try, let alone become a world class athlete.

This pertains to me because I have been treating my goal of becoming a writer/author as a bit of a pipe dream. I really want it to happen, but there is still that doubt that is lingering in my mind about whether I should just start down a 40 year career path that will provide a comfortable life of drudgery.

I am going to keep at this goal of mine and I have just found a new way of reinforcing my own desires and motivation to keep going. I went for a drive to a park, sat down on a chilly park bench and wrote something in ink.

All of the writing that I have been doing so far was just in the hopes that it would be profitable and that it might go semi viral. The writing at the park was just for myself and no one will ever be able to see and judge it. It felt great and led me to this site and gave me the desire to start writing this little bit of introspective ramblings.

Now that this is out of me, it is time to write something that is worth reading and hopefully worth sharing.

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