The Value of Canadian Summers

It’s so bright out, so bright that I have to squint to see this screen, but that’s okay, its worth it.

I’m trying to enjoy something that is rare, something that I can experience for only half of the year, a precious Canadian summer

It’s been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is true of not just people and things, but of experiences too.

I’m sitting shirtless in the back yard of my suburban home just east of the biggest city in my country with nothing to listen to, except the birds singing, my dog licking his chops and the distant sounds of construction and traffic.

A bell rings out, asking for my attention, thanks, but I can sharpen my own knives.


Sitting here, I didn’t even realize that I was waiting for it. I have always been content to be in a darkened office for endless months but now that I am here, basking in the sun, I remember just how good it feels to absorb the suns energy.

This is an almost spiritual experience, worshiping a deity that is responsible for all life on this planet, and possibly, this solar system.

This experience will not last long though, my body is not the work of art that Michelangelo can sculpt, but more reminiscent of the works of Pillsbury.

I worry that my exposed skin, the skin that I have been ashamed to reveal for most of my life, is more susceptible to cancer, due to the solar radiation that I have hid from.

And I worry that in my tiny yard, surrounded by two raised decks, two trampolines, one above ground pool and dozens of second floor windows, I have become a bit of a spectacle.

A pasty white spectacle, laughed about and secretly photographed by the neighbors that I don’t know.


I will not let my worries stop me though, I will persevere, this weather, this mildly warm weather is something that I missed so much.

It is however, something that I didn’t even realize that I missed, until today.

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