Writing Warmup – 20170511

I do a lot of writing, it requires me to remain anonymous for the reasons of security.

This means that I really have nothing important to say online to the people who actually know who I am.

However, this does not mean that I am secretly a horrible person, hiding behind the disguise of anonymity, it only means that I am worried about offline repercussions from the violent people who have a different opinion than myself.

If we are discussing something in person. I will be more than happy to tell you everything that I know about the shape of our planet. If you engage me online, I will use my mastery of the English language to dance around the subject and make fun of you, without you knowing it.

The internet has always been a scary place, but now that everyone’s personal details have been for sale, for an extremely low price, it is not just scary, but dangerous too.

This tiny keyboard that I am typing on is kind of awkward to use comfortably.

Is it going to take some getting used to? Or am I going to have to use my bigger laptop to work on?

Full sized keyboard and mouse are always the best options. I want to work in the sun though, so lets do another practice on the laptop.

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